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Our ancolyzer systems save money and reduce risk for our customers, semiconductor and printed circuit board manufacturers and a variety of chemical users in other industries. The ancolyzer also helps to protect the environment by aiding in the reduction of chemical usage, particularly chemicals containing heavy metals.

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Process Control Equipment

Because we offer a wide variety of analytical techniques and process control features, our ancolyzers come in a variety of sizes. Each system is modular, with components and instruments combined to make workstations, workstations combined in cabinets to provide full process monitoring and control of an application, and scalable, so a system can support a large number of production tools or a combination of several chemicals or chemical applications.

Our cabinets can be combined for larger systems, and are designed for minimal footprint, with full access to all components for any maintenance access from just one side.

In addition to the many analysis methods we offer, the ancolyzer has many features and capabilities for process control through component dosing / replenishment. We can dose high volumes and low volumes – down to several microliters, and in some cases we even offer solids dosing. We can implement or control “bleed and feed” and bath make-up routines, and our GUI allows easy programming for a variety of algorithms based on several parameters, including time, product count, production rates, and constituent concentrations.


ancolyzer systems include several safety features designed to protect operators and are designed and built to regulatory and industry safety and ergonomic standards – like CE and SEMI S2/S8, and others as local jurisdictions, industries, and customers require. For compatibility with the wide variety of chemistries we support, we use high quality materials, like chemical-resistant, powder-coated stainless steel and Factory Mutual FM4910-rated fire resistant plastics.

ancolyzers also include many features to protect customer’s product. Self-checks and diagnostics to confirm that measurements are plausible, so analysis results can be trusted to be accurate and of high confidence.

Open Architecture

The data collected and generated by an ancolyzer are also available to customers for detailed process characterization, development, and troubleshooting. Not just results are provided, but the basis of those results with raw data available when needed.

Data Communications Links

Results and data are also available for transfer to central factory host systems through industry-standard communications links (like GEM/SECS), and custom communications links and data export file generators are also available.

Additional communications links are available to transfer key information directly with many brands of production equipment. This enables close coordination for protecting product, as well as enabling replenishment and dosing algorithms based on production rates and volumes, as with amp*time in electroplating applications, in addition to time-based algorithms and closed-loop feedback from analysis results.


Training is provided with each ancolyzer system, and is often offered on-site in conjunction with installation for the convenience of our customers. Additional training is available at our facilities or on-site, for more advanced users or for new personnel or refresher classes.

Maintenance Services

While our design efforts strive to reduce maintenance requirements of our systems, with novel innovations like our maintenance-free reference electrodes for CVS, these are wet-chemical systems that require periodic preventative maintenance. For those customers wishing to augment their own staff or bring in additional expertise, we offer service contracts for regular maintenance assistance or on-demand maintenance services. Spare parts are stocked at several key locations around the world, so they can be available quickly when needed.


Engineering / Consulting

In many cases, we support customers developing leading edge technologies and processes, or customers new to a given type of chemical processing. So, in addition to traditional product training, we also offer our expertise for engineering and consulting. We have helped bring automation to many fabs and factories, and have helped many customers increase yields and productivity, while reducing costs.