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From the Negotiation Table to the Catchball Court: How Shiran Rapaport Makes It All Work

An Unshakable Foundation: Gila Amitzur Reflects on What Made Nova a Winner since Day One

Gila has been with Nova as early as 1/1994, almost since the beginning. As Nova's most veteran employee, Gila is trusted by others for her vast institutional knowledge and memories of how things were founded and evolved.

Faith, Family, and Career: How Shira Elnekave Makes it All Work

Meet Shira Elnekave, an automation development specialist at Nova, a new mom – and an orthodox Jew. We sat down for a chat about her experience and insights, and how she believes more Orthodox women can find their place in today’s high-tech work environments.

For The Love of The Game: How Nova Allows Rosti Talis Blend His Passion for Sports and Science

For Rosti Talis, sports have been a lifelong passion, helping him manage his diabetes. His career at Nova has allowed him to live out his dreams of an exciting career in the sciences while balancing a career as a soccer referee.


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