ancosys GmbH is a privately held company founded in Germany in 2001 on the principle concept that a more modular and flexible architecture would bring more and better-optimized analytical methods to production environments – not just the lab – for automated control of chemical processes. The ancolyzer was born. The founders, with extensive experience in chemical analysis and software engineering, have since grown a company and culture that thrives on interdisciplinary innovation and service. The core of our system centers on chemical analysis, but our approach and philosophy require diverse skills and creative approaches, so our staff is recruited from many disciplines and backgrounds. We have experienced professionals from the chemical manufacturing, processing equipment, semiconductor, electronics, software, and other industries. We have international subsidiaries and distributors supporting installations around the globe. Our largest installed bases are supporting semiconductor and other electronics-related manufacturing (PCB, MEMS, LED, PV) with a focus on metal deposition (electroplating and electroless) We also service many applications in numerous industries, including automotive, general metal finishing (GMF), pharmaceutical manufacturing, and chemical production.

Ancosys Building