ancosys GmbH is a privately held company founded in Germany in 2001 on the principle concept that a more modular and flexible architecture would bring more and better-optimized analytical methods to production environments – not just the lab – for automated control of chemical processes. The ancolyzer was born. The founders, with extensive experience in chemical analysis and software engineering, have since grown a company and culture that thrives on interdisciplinary innovation and service. The core of our system centers on chemical analysis, but our approach and philosophy require diverse skills and creative approaches, so our staff is recruited from many disciplines and backgrounds. We have experienced professionals from the chemical manufacturing, processing equipment, semiconductor, electronics, software, and other industries. We have international subsidiaries and distributors supporting installations around the globe. Our largest installed bases are supporting semiconductor and other electronics-related manufacturing (PCB, MEMS, LED, PV) with a focus on metal deposition (electroplating and electroless) We also service many applications in numerous industries, including automotive, general metal finishing (GMF), pharmaceutical manufacturing, and chemical production.

Dr. Irene Popova is the senior R&D director for ancosys, and leads R&D teams in the US and Germany. Prior to joining ancosys in 2013, Dr. Popova was in a leadership position in IBM’s advanced semiconductor packaging division with an emphasis on R&D. She started her career at IBM Microelectronics Division in New York in 2004 where she successfully developed novel materials for lithographic imaging and process optimization. Since joining ancosys Dr. Popova has helped develop several new platforms and applications for the semiconductor packaging market, and strengthened ancosys’ position as one of the leaders in galvanic bath analysis and process control. She has extensive experience in semiconductor process integration and technology development in both front and back end semiconductor processes. Dr. Popova’s educational training is in physical chemistry and materials science.

Christian Rückl is the Director of Engineering at ancosys, responsible for leading and aligning the efforts of all of our engineering teams. Christian started his career in the semiconductor industry as a microtechnologist at Infineon in 2002, and joined ancosys in 2006 as a field service engineer. After successfully completing an advanced degree in electronics, he started work in our electrical engineering group as a developer for electronics and embedded software. In 2013, Christian completed a master’s degree in applied research and assumed a leadership role for the electronic and mechanical engineering groups at ancosys.

Elmar Schwichtenberg is the Sr. Director of Product Marketing at ancosys since 2018. Elmar leads a team of project managers who work closely with our process development, R&D and sales teams to ensure that our customers’ needs are understood and products are developed to meet those needs. Elmar joined ancosys in 2005 as an Applications Development Engineer responsible for developing analytical methodologies and technologies to support the full range of ancosys products. In 2009, he was promoted to Director of Implementation where his responsibilities included transferring customer needs and requests into fully functioning system configurations, as well as providing high level technical support to our engineers in the field.

Jürgen Walter has been the Director of Quality, Health and Safety at ancosys since joining the company in 2016. Jürgen began his career in the early 1980s as an electronic technician and service engineer for electrical and optical networks in the telecommunications industry. He then worked on planning and logistics for German and pan-European optical networks. Prior to joining ancosys, Jürgen was a site manager and integration engineer for UMTS and LTE based transceiver stations for a mobile communication supplier.

Nikolaus ‘Nick’ Maser co-founded ancosys GmbH in 2001 and has been the managing director of ancosys GmbH since 2010. Prior to assuming those duties, Nick was responsible for marketing and sales development, and helped develop the ancosys analytical technologies and ancolyzer™ platform. Nick has an educational background in chemical engineering, and more than 35 years experience in chemical analysis technologies and chemical process control.

Jürg Stahl is president of the ancosys group and has been leading the management team since 2018. He joined ancosys in 2003 as a financial and business investor, and has played an active role in several functions during the growth of the company. Prior to joining ancosys, Jürg held several engineering and management positions with various companies throughout the microelectronics industry. In 1983 he joined Intel as a sales engineer covering Switzerland and Austria, before being promoted two years later to product marketing manager for their ASIC division in Europe. In 1989 Jürg founded his own company, Micronas, in Switzerland. As CEO and Chairman of the Board, he successfully guided Micronas to an IPO on the Swiss Stock Exchange in 1996. Utilizing his broad management and industry experience gained over the past 35 years, Jürg has been active as a board member for several public and private companies.

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Nick Maser Managing Director ancosys GmbH


Jürg Stahl President ancosys Group, Managing Director